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4 Super Bowl Groceries That Are Cheaper This Year — and 2 That Cost More


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It’s almost time for the big game — and even if you can’t name the teams playing, you know that means it’s snack time.

You can also probably guess that your fave football foods have been hit with more major league inflation, like so many others. But here’s some happy news: They might actually be cheaper.

Recent U.S. Department of Agriculture data on grocery stores’ advertised prices shows some declines from a year ago. Here’s a look at some of the ups and downs.

Chicken wings

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At the end of January, whole wings averaged $2.62 per pound, a decline of 12% compared with a year ago ($2.98).

For individually quick-frozen wings, the price drop was more significant: a decline of about 33% to $2.36 per pound, down from $3.50 a year ago. Score!


Avocados at Costco
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If the game calls for guac this year, you might want to get more chips for the (price) dip. Hass avocados were down to 96 cents each at the end of January, a 28% decline from the price a year ago ($1.33).

For other varieties, the price has declined about 37% to $1.47 each from the average of $2.32 per avocado a year ago.

Pulled pork

Pulled pork sandwich
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Pulled pork and pigskin are a natural fit, and with prices down to $5.53 per pound — about 9% lower than a year ago — there’s no need to feel guilty.

Some ground beef

Man eating hamburger
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Kicking off the game with a burger? Here’s some good news: 90% lean ground beef is down to $4.47 per pound, a decline of 21% versus a year ago ($5.67). Also, 70%-79% lean ground beef is down to $2.78, versus $2.95 a year ago. Ground chuck is also down.

Those savings don’t apply to beef patties, sadly — those are up to $5.70 per pound, about 9% more than a year ago ($5.23). So consider buying ground beef and making your own patties if you want that on your game day menu.

Super Bowl party foods that are more expensive

bbq barbecue grill steak
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If you prefer finer fare, be ready to pay more this year. You might have to scramble to pay for that porterhouse steak at $9.99 a pound (up about 25% from a year ago), and other varieties such as T-bone are also up in price.

Pre-cooked sausage has spiked to $7.12 per pound, up about 24% from a year ago (when it was $5.72). Italian sausage and chorizo are cheaper than last year, but only by a couple of cents each.

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