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Bing: This is how Chat GPT integration with Bing may look like


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Microsoft is holding an event tonight to reportedly announce the ChatGPT integration with its Bing search engine. It’s probably just a couple of hours left before Microsoft makes everything official and showcases Bing’s new user interface. Thanks to a new report, we already have some idea about what ChatGPT integration in Bing might look like.
A student and designer Owen Yin recently reported that the new AI-based Bing user interface randomly appeared for a little while and then disappeared on Twitter. Yin mentioned in his tweet that he didn’t do anything to find it. He told The Verge that he has set Bing as the default homepage and the new Bing interface just loaded up.
Thankfully, he also posted some screenshots of the so-called new Bing users interface with ChatGPT integration and that also gave us an early glimpse at what to expect from the upcoming event from Microsoft tonight.
Yin also got a chance to play with the new Bing for a while and he has also described everything in a blog post published on Medium.
What’s expected to change for Bing with ChatGPT integration
Bing, as a search engine, has never been able to take it up with Google Search. The search engine was mostly left forgotten in almost every regard, except Microsoft which managed to somehow for it upon users with deep integration with Windows 11, its Edge browsers and a couple of other places. Apart from that, there’s nothing worth noting about Bing.
With ChatGPT integration, Microsoft is looking to shake up Google’s hold in the search engine space and as per the images and GIFs posted by Yin, Microsoft is looking to revamp the entire user experience with the Bing browser.

According to the screenshot posted by Yin, Bing’s homepage is likely to get an updated user interface. Now, much is changing though. The basic design is likely to remain the same with a centrally placed search box, which is now a little bigger than before. And, there’s a new ‘Chat’ tab at the top of the screen alongside the existing options — Images, Videos, Shopping and more. On the right side of the top screen, there’s the account option along with Microsoft Rewards, language, notifications and an ellipsis for more options.
On Microsoft Edge’s Bing page, a new Chat tab has been added too. This allows users to enter questions in the natural language and Bing with ChatGPT integration will answer to that.
What’s expected to change functionally for Bing and ChatGPT
As mentioned, Yin managed to get his hands on the new Bing and things have changed in regards to how users can approach the search and also use it for other AI-based tasks that Open AI’s ChatGPT offers as a standalone tool. The marriage of both brings improved search and natural language processing to Bing.
As for the ChatGPT part, the Bing integration is reportedly powered by GPT-4, a faster version of ChatGPT.
We have already mentioned that Microsoft has replaced the regular search box with a new larger text box. The box also has text that basically invites users to ask anything they want to ask. Also, the text box, as per the screenshots, has a total character limit of 1000 characters that’ll allow users to ask detailed questions with plenty of details, context and instructions.
Further, in its blog post, Yin mentioned that Bing can do the research for you based on up-to-date information, unlike ChatGPT which is limited to the data till 2021. He explained that Bing will run several searches based on the query and will return a result. Bing also highlights phrases with detail of the places from where it got the information, he adds.
Yin also mentioned that Bing can be creative for users and write poems, phrases, etc based on the occasion or instructions given. Apart from that, it can also make travel plans with meal preferences, budget, locations, etc.
Traditional search is still there
Yin has also highlighted the fact that the regular Bing search function is still there. Users can choose the ‘All’ tab to run a regular search.

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