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Explained: How Quora’s ChatGPT rival work and other details about Poe


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The OpenAI-developed artificial intelligence-based chatbot, ChatGPT has gone viral since its release in November 2022. The chatbot can process prompts to deliver human-like answers and can even write essays, articles, homework and even songs. In just a couple of months, ChatGPT has become so popular that the Microsoft-backed AI research startup has also started a paid version called ChatGPT Plus. The paid version of the chatbot is currently available only for customers in the United States.
However, some educators across the world have pointed out the negative impacts of ChatGPT on students. Moreover, several educational institutions, both in India and abroad have also imposed a ban on the chatbot. Yet, ChatGPT’s ever-growing traction has also been a threat to other companies like Google.
The search giant and other companies are also developing their rival chatbots to take on ChatGPT. Quora also has recently launched an app that allows users to communicate with several AI chatbots, including ChatGPT.
What is Poe
In December 2022, CEO Adam D’Angelo announced Quora’s chatbot named Poe which entered beta testing at that time. He said that Poe will allow users to ask questions, access instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with AI.
Now, D’Angelo has shared another tweet to unveil the public version of the chatbot (which was previously in beta testing). Currently, Poe’s public app can be downloaded only by iPhone users. The tweet thread also claimed that all major platforms will support Poe “in the next few months.”

How will Poe work
In his tweets, D’Angelo has explained that Poe will support “several bots” and its scope will be wider than other available chatbots. Poe’s main objective is to become a bot aggregator. This will help users to access several different chatbots. Moreover, a single app will also optimise chatbots that can be used for different tasks.
Importance of such a model
D’Angelo predicts that Poe will integrate several models like GPT-3.5 and chatbots like ChatGPT in the upcoming days. His tweet claims that these chatbots will “represent different points of view, or they will have access to different knowledge.”

He also emphasises the importance of Poe by stating that such models will be useful. D’Angelo says that the public needs a fast and easy-to-use interface, but he also believes that the companies behind these models are “not well suited to create these interfaces.”
Poe is expected to bridge this gap and “reduce the amount of work needed for any AI developer to reach a large audience of users.” For this, Quora is also developing an API that will enable AI developers to connect their models to Poe.

What are Large Language Models (LLMs)
LLMs are deep learning algorithms that are trained on massive amounts of text data. These language models are usually designed to mimic human speech. However, users can’t directly interact with them as they are just algorithms without an interface.
Poe’s goal is to become a one-stop solution for such LLMs. This will help the algorithms by providing a unified interface. Moreover, users also won’t have to depend on multiple interfaces to interact with language models.
Competitiveness in the AI space
The AI space currently faces cut-throat competition. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are investing billions into LLMs/chatbots in an attempt to gain an edge over each other. Whether these companies will collaborate with Quora to adopt Poe as a unified platform remains unknown.
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