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Somebody just bought a Google Pixel 7a prototype for an unbelievable price


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Why let someone else spill the details when you can do it yourself? That is the crux of every Google Pixel launch ever. Time and time again, a Pixel smartphone had been spotted in transit and cafes and even went on sale months before they went official. So, how can Google’s next Pixel 7a miss out? Days after being videographed in its full glory, a prototype of Pixel 7a has been listed on eBay, and someone even bought it.
Allegedly two separate “Google Pixel 7a” prototypes were listed on eBay, both posted by the same seller, “nikoskom-94.” While one was taken down, the other got sold for an unbelievable price of $2,700 (around Rs 2,23,034).
The seller noted that the device does not start and can only enter fastboot mode. “Maybe someone can make it work and own a very collectible device ahead of its launch,” wrote the seller.
There is no word on where the phone came from, but despite being in “excellent cosmetic condition,” the SIM tray is missing.
On Thursday, the device’s initial bid of $1,650 (around Rs 1,35,313) was surpassed by eight additional bids, eventually bringing the total to $2,700 (around Rs 2,23,034). It’s worth noting that this amount is more than five times the device’s anticipated retail price.
Apart from the exorbitant price, we get a clearer look at the Pixel 7a prototype, which should be how the one coming to the market should look.
The back of the Pixel 7a prototype has line patterns and symbols instead of the trademark “G” logo. The camera bar, akin to the Pixel 7, is covered with metal and has a single cutout for the two cameras and an LED flash. The front of the device sports a flat punch-hole display, and at the bottom edge, you will find the USB-C port, accompanied by two pill-shaped cutouts for the speaker and microphone.
As mentioned earlier, the phone does not turn on and cannot be used, but there is the “Fastboot Mode” screen, revealing that it’s an EVT1.0, basically a first engineering validation prototype. This particular prototype of Pixel 7a uses 8GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB of storage from SKHynix.

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